Empower Others to Achieve Extraordinary Results

Become ProduKtive® Certified and Empower Others to Win both Personally and Professionally.

People want to live a life of freedom with no regrets.

Time is our most valuable resource. The problem is most people spend their time instead of investing it. When people can’t focus on what matters most, they’ll end up working longer hours and sacrificing their personal lives.

What if you could help them spend less time at the office and still achieve extraordinary professional results? How could that change their whole life?

Leverage the ProduKtive System and empower others to transform from busy to productive.

Cast a Vision

Training and tools to help others implement the ProduKtive® System.

Create a Plan

The system is backed by the highest-rated business book. It’s helped millions of people live a life of freedom.

Take Action

You’ll receive regular training and support from the ProduKtive® team.

Implementing a new system requires accountability.

As a ProduKtive® Certified Professional, you will lead people through a proven system to achieve real freedom with their most valuable resources: their time. The role is simple: help people live a system and be accountable to achieve extraordinary results

Become Certified in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Get Certified. Speak with our team today about becoming a certified ProduKtive® Certified Professional.
Step 2: Complete the requirements. Our certification process requires you complete the work and meet the standard before you receive your certification.
Step 3: Help others achieve. Guide others to freedom in both their personal and professional life.

Our system is based on one of the highest-rated business books:
The ONE Thing.

Gary Keller knew he had to change the way he thought about time if he was going to live a life without regret.

The decision he made to invest his time, instead of spending it, propelled him to turn Keller Williams into the largest real estate companies in the world. His solution became the inspiration for the book: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.

Today, the book is one of the highest-rated business books of all time, helping millions of people ditch distractions for a life of freedom.

Now, organizations are using the ProduKtive® system based on The ONE THING to change how every team member invests their time personally and professionally.

“Because of this level of understanding and implementation, I have been given several opportunities to lead and train within our organization and across other industries. “

Ruben Trujillo, Realtor®

When you help someone invest their time, you’re helping them take back their life.

After all, time is our most valuable resource. You’ll be able to guide others to achieve extraordinary results while also cultivating better relationships with their families and friends.

If you love helping others focus on what matters most, becoming ProduKtive® Certified is for you!