Have you ever heard the 10,000 hours rule, or the idea that it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to master it?

Tony DiCello has over 25,000 hours of coaching people to their possibilities, and today we’re sharing a live training and coaching call between Tony and Geoff Woods so that you can get a behind-the-scenes look at what accountability looks like, amplified through the eyes of a master.

This was originally for our Living Your ONE Thing members, but it was so valuable that we wanted to share it with all of you. If you’d like to join us for our next training, go to the1thing.com/membership or text the word ACCOUNTABILITY to the number 33444.

Were you told that if you worked hard and saved in your 401k that, one day, you would retire and secure your slice of the American Dream?

We were told that story, but if you look at the wealthy, that’s not how they got there. We’re excited to introduce you to Patrick Donohoe and his team at Paradigm Life because they specialize in an investment strategy that creates wealth, and they want to share it with listeners of The ONE Thing podcast.

If you go to PerpetualWealthStrategy.net, you can download the free report: The Entrepreneur’s Hierarchy of Investment.

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