At the end of the day, do you feel fulfilled and content?

Imagine working hard to scale your business and having the first year where you net a million dollars. The year after, again, you net a million dollars. And then you realize something’s wrong.

The person you’re going to meet today is a perfect example of this. He worked so hard to build a business that could scale, that could create abundance for his people and for himself personally. He did, in fact, net a million dollars two years in a row – then he realized that he was cheating himself out of what it actually means to live a life. We’re going to go on a journey to see how he began to apply the 80/20 principle, focusing on his 20% for a maximum of just two hours a day, and then brought people into his world to take his 80% so they could all live a bigger, more fulfilled life.

If you are someone who has the capacity to bring leverage into your world, then you will want to pay close attention to what Chris Suarez has to say in this episode.

Are you hiring?

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Want to look smart for a great price?

Back when Gary Keller and Jay Papasan started writing The ONE Thing, they asked, “What do we stand for?” They decided that, whatever they created, the bar for quality would be exceptionally high and whoever invested in it would receive incredible value. We still have that standard in our business, and we are always looking for other companies doing the same thing. In our search, we came across Beckett Simonon, a direct-to-consumer brand changing the way premium men’s shoes, bags, and belts are offered.

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