You’re listening to this podcast… but are you living The ONE Thing?

Our guest read the book early on, started listening to the podcast, and achieved some extraordinary results as it pertains to his health – and all because he didn’t stop at consuming the content. He took action.

Chris LaGarde struggled with his weight for his entire life, which ultimately affected his sense of worth and caused him to doubt if he even could have the body that he wanted. But by doing one thing at a time, over time, he’s truly accomplished something extraordinary: losing 50 pounds in five months.

Do you run a small business?

Small business owners wear a lot of hats. Some of those hats feel incredible to wear. However, filing taxes and running payroll… well, for most of us, they don’t feel great and they’re not our ONE thing. That’s where Gusto comes in to help you make payroll, taxes, and HR easy. So ask yourself, it time to take off some of your hats?

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The ONE thing that makes hiring easier or unnecessary…

Hiring is challenging, but there is ONE place you can go where hiring is simple, fast, and smart – and that place is Most of us who are in a hiring position would love to always be getting into relationships with top talent, but there’s so many other priorities that compete for our time. That’s what we love about ZipRecruiter: they find the right job candidates for you, and 80 percent of employers who post a job get a qualified candidate in just one day.

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