This show is often very inspiring, motivational, and simple, but life isn’t always that way – and sometimes things happen that rock you to our core. 

The grief that we feel as a result can be debilitating, causing us to feel stuck and hopeless. But that isn’t really the case. We all have the power to overcome any obstacle, even when life throws us unfair and unexpected curveballs.

Our guest, Casey Balgard, has gone through every parent’s worst nightmare – the loss of a child – but, today, we’re going to walk through what happened, how The ONE Thing entered his life, and how he used it to help him move forward and manage his grief. We know that there are many people out there struggling with grief, but if Casey’s story can help you, then it’s fulfilling our mission: helping you take back control of your time and gain clarity on how you want to invest it moving forward.