Imagine you are on an airplane and, along the way, it starts to deviate just a few degrees off course – if the plane does not correct course over the length of that flight, do you think you’ll end up in the right destination?

Probably not, and who knows where we would end up! But this is the way that most people live their lives – they wake up, take action, and move forward, but they’re not always clear on exactly where they’re going or why they’re going there. And when they’re off course, they’re not even aware of it, which is why so many people live a life by default instead of a life by design.

So, today, we want to introduce you to Dr. Cindy McGovern, who has been living the principles of The ONE Thing to ensure that she has a great career, and you will hear how purpose and planning were fundamental to living her mission: changing the way that people view sales.