Getting tired of putting in hours of work without seeing the results you want?

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. Work, hobbies, side projects, family life — it’s hard to keep it all balanced, and we don’t want to have to give things up, either. If you want to live a big life, you have to start honing in on the ONE thing you need to get done to achieve your goals.

P.J. Mellana is a practice leader. He has embarked on a journey of living the ONE thing himself, has chosen to hold himself accountable to those principles, and has turned around and empowered other people to live it — not just in his organization, but with his kids. In this episode, P.J. shares how he started living The ONE Thing, how he lived the tools, and how he went on a 66-day challenge to form a power habit, not just for himself but for his 3 kids as well.