Welcome to 2020 2.0: The new version of your year you weren’t expecting.

So many people out there are throwing in the towel on this year and calling it a wash. We know you’re different — or at least, you want to be — that you ignore the setbacks and keep going in the face of uncertainty. When your goals for the year were canceled by a global pandemic you likely asked the question, “What’s the ONE Thing I can do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?”

We’ve been asking the same question every day with you in mind: What is The ONE Thing we can do for our community? The answer is surprisingly simple — The world doesn’t need a new way to set goals, they need to find a way to have a relationship with them. The vast majority of people need to be able to follow a process that will help them evaluate the goals they set this year, discard the ones that are no longer relevant, and recommit to the ones that matter most. The best way we can help you do that is by granting you access to our The Goal Setting Master Course.