While we’ve all been forced to change the way we work and get things done, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed — the need to have conversations with the people that matter most, conversations that enrich our relationships.

While we’ve all been working from home, this has presented its own set of circumstances. We’ve been closer to some people, which could create conflict, and knowing how to have conversations to enrich that relationship may be a mystery to some people. And since we have been more distant from our teams and our customers, we need to figure out how to have those conversations as well.

That’s why we reached out to our friends at Fierce Conversations. Their model for how to have fierce conversations is more relevant than ever. You’re going to meet their Senior Vice President of Learning, Ronna Detrick. You’re going to hear about what it was like for their organization to pivot, finding her ONE Thing, and dive deep into the fierce conversation model.