How do we lead people through fear? The answer, as simple as it may seem, is goals—but the right goals.

If the purpose of a goal is to be appropriate in the moment, many of us have lost sight of the fact that our actions may not be leading us to where we want to go. We don’t want to sacrifice our long-term visions and our long-term goals based on short-term circumstances. As an individual, you can either be focusing on the past, the present, or the future. If you’re focusing on the past or present, you can’t move forward. The only way you move forward is by having goals, focusing on those goals, and allowing those goals to inform how you behave today so that you start knocking the dominos down that make everything else easier or unnecessary.

How are you doing at having a relationship with your goals, and do you need any changes? Now is the time to reflect on that and start thinking about the future and ensure that you are moving in the right direction for what makes sense today.