The purpose of a goal is to be appropriate in the moment. Every year we set goals around the areas of our life that matter to us, and when we get to the end of the year we look back and say we’ll do better next year—especially around finances.

The problem is that, until you learn to have a relationship with your goals, your future won’t change. When we look at some of the biggest causes of stress in our life, money often ends up at the top of the list. And almost all of us feel like we are meant for more, but we were never taught in school how to build wealth.

David Greene learned to set goals for his wealth and have a relationship with them. He started out as a police officer with a dream to build wealth, and he made some crazy sacrifices to start acquiring properties—and just wait until you hear where he’s at now. You’ll be amazed when you hear The ONE Thing he did that, such by doing it, made everything else easier or unnecessary.