Have you ever imagined a goal so big that it takes your breath away? Or cast a vision for your life that truly fires you up — while also shaking you with fear?

You’re not alone. But the gap between you and extraordinary results is determined by whether we choose to push through the fear… or surrender to it. When you dare to think big and have a relationship with your goals, fear is the one thing that can stop us from achieving the extraordinary results we deserve and living a life without regret.

Luvvie Ajayi Jones’ purpose is rooted in making an impact in the world by helping people fight their fear. She’s learned firsthand what it looks like to form the habit of choosing courage when fear shows up, and she’s committed to helping others do the same. What would you get done if fear had no power over you? Fear is just a distraction from living your full potential. What’s the ONE Thing you can do to make fighting fear easier or unnecessary?