If you’re like most people, you know how it feels to be so busy that you don’t have time for yourself. Still, at the end of a busy day, you could find yourself questioning how much you got done.

Anytime in your life when you’re hitting a ceiling of achievement, you’re in need of a trusted person: to delegate work to, or a mentor or coach who can help you shatter that ceiling and go even higher. This isn’t a decision to rush, though. The journey to finding the person that’s right for you and your work, while simple, is not easy.

Russell Gray, like most business owners, struggled with letting go. He didn’t want to delegate out of fear that others wouldn’t complete the work as well as he did  — until life forced him to release that hold. When he lost a loved one, he had to find a way to narrow his focus and increase his income while also working less. He had to find the one person who could allow him to achieve even more, in less time, with less stress. You’re going to hear about how he kept asking what ONE Thing would make everything else easier or unnecessary, and how, once he identified it, he went after it.