If you really want to live The ONE Thing purposefully, there are three commitments you have to make: you have to choose to follow the path of mastery; to move from entrepreneurialism to having purpose; and to live the accountability cycle.

The first two, alone, will change everything. Following the path of mastery and moving to a life of purpose in just one area will make everything else easier — and that area is the ability to ask questions.

Most of us artificially impose a ceiling over what’s possible without even realizing. It’s a simple mistake we make by telling people what to do and giving them answers instead of taking the opportunity to ask questions, ourselves. Developing the habit of asking questions instead of giving answers is a journey to understanding the difference between a productive line of inquiry and simply shutting down communication.

Abe Shreve has been on his own path of question mastery and he’s going to walk us through how we can solve some of the biggest challenges we face by asking questions as leaders. He’ll teach us how to ask questions that expand the very nature of what is and isn’t possible.