Have you ever reached the end of a really busy day, only to look up and question what you actually got done?

We’ve all been there. It’s a sign that you’ve been spending your time with no expectation of a return. Start investing your time: treat it as the valuable resource that it is and invest it in ways that will yield something you can measure, both personally and professionally. Most people bounce through their day, reacting to emails, meetings, and coworkers’ obligations, but there is a better way.

It’s called time blocking: scheduling time with yourself to do whatever you deem to be most important. But even if you know what that is, it can be hard to stick to your plans. We’re going to take a peek behind the curtain of the Living Your ONE Thing Community, where thousands of people around the globe find clarity, build power habits that stick, and learn to time block so that their calendars reflect their priorities. Listen in on this workshop and treat it as if you were there, yourself. You’ll learn specific, tactical things you can do to better protect your time.