As you journey on, living The ONE Thing, there are specific steps you take: from treading, to implementing, to mastering, to empowering.

Treading is when you’re just trying to keep your head above water. Everything is moving so fast and you’re trying so hard, but it’s just not sustainable. Then you discover the principles of The ONE Thing and you start to implement them. Once you start to experience the benefits they bring, you have to make the decision to commit to mastery. And once you take that path, you really start to pick up momentum and realize that the highest level of success is not your own, but in your ability to empower others.

Elizabeth Curry has gone on this journey. Starting as a working mother and wife and a small business owner, she was treading. Then she discovered The ONE Thing and she implemented a few simple things that had a massive impact on her life. Eventually, she hit the tipping point and committed to mastering The ONE Thing, and now she works within the organization, empowering people on a massive scale.