When you start living The ONE Thing, you begin to understand that not everything matters equally. You get clarity on what matters most. You begin doing the most important things first and, then, you earn the right to address everything else. When you do that, results show up and they show up fast. And, as that happens, your life gets bigger.

What people don’t understand is that as your life gets bigger, the number of big rocks in your way increases. And what happens when you get to the point where there are more rocks than you have time for? That’s when you need to address the scale. This moment can be a real challenge for people.

How do we change our outlook towards doing the most important things? And stop assuming that just because it’s important, something has to be hard? Let’s ask a different question: “How can I make it easier to do what matters most?” Greg McKeown, author of “Essentialism” and the brand new book, “Effortless,” answers just that. After tragedy struck his daughter, he wiped the plate clean, took an extremely difficult situation, and found a way to make managing it effortless.