The ONE Thing is the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results. That truth: time is our most valuable resource.

The problem is that most people wake up every day spending their time because they were never taught how to invest it. How to make sure that they had clarity on their priorities – that their calendar actually reflected their priorities instead of being filled with meetings and to-dos.

We’re going to dive into some practical ways that you can achieve even higher levels of results for yourself personally. The ONE Thing outlines the idea of moving from E to P: from entrepreneurial to purposeful. You act entrepreneurially when you rely on your natural abilities: doing the best that you can do. Being purposeful takes looking outside of yourself to do things to the best standard that they can be done. While it’s a simple idea, it’s not easy. That’s where Ron Friedman comes in. He literally wrote the book on decoding greatness (appropriately called “Decoding Greatness”). He walks you through what it means, how you can benchmark and reverse engineer your progress, and the three simple steps you can take to get started immediately.