Over a trillion dollars were lost to voluntary turnover in the USA last year alone. Replacing an employee costs an average of between 1.5 and 2 times their annual salary – and that’s a conservative estimate. The salt in the wound? 52% of people who leave for a new job say that their management could have done something to keep them. So, how can you help your organization avoid becoming part of these unfortunate statistics? 

Can you give yourself permission to make your world so big that, when someone steps into it, they can have everything they want and never need to leave?

Do you know the right questions to ask during the hiring process, questions that make instant connections and enable you to make a true commitment to each other that benefits both parties?

Often, the answers are as simple as taking time to focus on human communication. For instance, do you know what your employees’ goals are? Not the goals you’ve set for them, but their own goals, both professionally and personally? On the flip side, have you communicated your aspirations to your boss? It sounds easy on paper and that’s because, more often than not, it actually is.