In part five of our six-part series on the ProduKtive System, our proven method for applying The ONE Thing to your life, we look at taking action. It’s easy to read about carving out blocks of time intentionally and with purpose. But when it comes to actually turning down time with family or saying “No” to people, it can be a different story. 

That’s what the ProduKtive System is here for. There are common traps people fall into, but if you put the concepts into action, you’ll find yourself living your ONE Thing in no time.

In this episode, we show you the four steps to effectively blocking out time for productivity: build your bunker, store provisions, sweep it for mines, and enlist support. Listen to find out what each of these steps entails. Doing so can save you so much time in the long run.

These rules for living are easily discussed, but putting them into practice can be a different story. Tune in to learn how to live your ONE Thing, instead dreaming about it.