As we step into a new year, we often take stock of our goals and ambitions. But hang on, if you do this every year, how often do you set targets, then look back at the end of the year only to realize you could have done better? Chances are, there are a few fundamental issues with how you’re thinking about goal setting.

One of the major pitfalls that trips people up with resolutions is that they set their goals, then they don’t think about them until the end of the year when it’s time to see if they succeeded or not. Think about applying that logic to any other aspect of your life. It makes about as much sense as leaving raw ingredients out and returning to the kitchen expecting them to be cooked and prepared as a meal. Not only will they not be cooked, but some ingredients may even spoil in the time you’ve waited.

Or, we discuss another example: you’ve met someone you like, romantically. If you really hit it off and you like each other, you’re not going to say, “Let’s check in with each other a year from now and see how this is going” are you? Of course not; that’d be crazy. Why would you treat a relationship with your goals the same way? 

Tune in to this important episode before making your list of resolutions. Let’s break down the best way to approach annual goals so that they become a compass to guide our decisions throughout the year. The game has started. Now, it’s time to build a lead.