Do you ever feel like you’re working hard in your career, but it’s not your calling?

We know that discovering your purpose is a massive question mark for so many of you, and recently one of the members of our Living Your ONE Thing Community, Deb Cornella, shared something heartfelt and vulnerable about her purpose – and we had to share that conversation with you.

During the episode, Geoff asks Deb a series of questions, and we hope you do yourself the service of answering these questions, too. Don’t just be a passive content consumer – If you consciously choose, instead, to implement, you will get a massive amount of value from this conversation.

Join us for our first live event:

  • What: The ONE Thing Goal-Setting Retreat
  • When: November 30th, 2017 – December 1st, 2017
  • Where: Austin, Texas
  • How: