Marc King is a regional director and coach within Keller Williams, which gives him a unique perspective when it comes to controlling our time. With his help, we created this training on overcoming some of the biggest challenges you have with your time and the easy way you can take back control of it.

This training ended up being really helpful for some members of the Keller Williams family, so we also wanted to share it with all of you.


Were you told that if you worked hard and saved in your 401k that, one day, you would retire and secure your slice of the American Dream?

We were, but if you look at the wealthy, that’s not how they got there. We’re excited to introduce you to Patrick Donohoe and his team at Paradigm Life because they specialize in an investment strategy that creates wealth, and they want to share it with listeners of The ONE Thing podcast.

If you go to, you can download the free report: The Entrepreneur’s Hierarchy of Investment.