Episode 200: Choosing Your Mindset After You’ve Achieved a BIG Goal

200 episodes is a major milestone for us, in no small part because of the tremendous support and feedback we’ve received from all of you. 

So, to show our appreciation, we huddled together to figure out the ONE thing we could do to provide the most value to you in this episode.

So, today, your co-hosts Geoff Woods and Kaelyn Loes are going to dissect the different mindsets that we adopt after we achieve big goals – and the choices that we can make to keep pushing ourselves further down the road to mastery.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

This is your show. So, this week, we want you to ask yourself:What do I want to see in the next 200 episodes of The ONE Thing podcast?Tell us in a review. Send us an email. Message us on Facebook or Instagram. We’re listening and we want to know what you think.And if you have been on your own journey of living The ONE Thing and you think we should be interviewing you, then send us an email to mastery@the1thing.com.


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