Episode 207: Think Big, Go Small, Trust the Dominos Will Fall | Chris Hofmann

The ONE Thing is about the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results — but anyone who has tried knows that simple doesn’t mean easy.

Life throws us curveballs. We lose clarity on what The ONE Thing is. We struggle to protect our time blocks when life happens. We are taking on more and looking for higher levels of achievement, but the models and systems we have in place are being stressed. How, in those moments, can we get back on track?

Today, our guest is Chris Hofmann, who is a member of our Living Your ONE Thing Community. He was well on his way to building a career as a successful executive, counterbalancing that with a great family life, when his world was turned upside down by a series of strokes. Before he knew it, simple tasks were no longer so simple — but he used The ONE Thing to put his life back together.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

Ask yourself: Where in my life am I thinking big and acting big?It’s time to start thinking big, going small, and trusting that the dominos will fall.If you need a little support and guidance, for yourself, your family, or your team, you will find everything you need at the1thing.com/training.


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