Episode 224: Don’t Fall Behind, Front Load Your Priorities | A New Way to View Time & Have a Relationship With Your Goals

Do you consider yourself to be a goal setter?

Most people do, and every new year, people set goals in droves, but they struggle to have a relationship with those goals. And as we go back home and go back to our jobs after the holidays, a lot of us fall into the same old routines. But it’s not your fault — the way the majority of people manage their time is outdated.

But there is a new way — a better way — to have a relationship with your goals and manage your time, and that’s what you’re going to learn about in this episode.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

What is the ONE thing in this episode that will make everything easier or unnecessary?Pick that ONE thing and start there — and, if you aren’t already using one, we recommend starting with a 411. This is the tool that Gary Keller has been using and coaching other people to use for over four decades; it’s a simple framework that gives you clarity on what matters most so that you can have accountability and a relationship with your goals.Click here to download a free 411 template. And if you want to join a community of people who are all using a 411, and who can provide additional accountability, we recommend trying a free trial for the Living Your ONE Thing Community. 


 Do you run a small business?Small business owners wear a lot of hats. Some of those hats feel incredible to wear. However, filing taxes and running payroll... well, for most of us, they don’t feel great and they’re not our ONE thing. That’s where Gusto comes in to help you make payroll, taxes, and HR easy. So ask yourself, it time to take off some of your hats?You can get three FREE months when you run your first payroll at Gusto.com/ONE.