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Clarify your Purpose, discover your Core Values, and create a path to success with the Jumpstart Workshop.

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Designed for those who want to immerse themselves more deeply into the principles of The ONE Thing, the Jumpstart Workshop picks up where the best-selling book leaves off.

From discovering your Core Values to creating an action plan to help you achieve your goals, the 2-day workshop will take the concepts taught in the book to the next level.

In 48 hours, you’ll gain clarity on your purpose, get expert insights, and design an actionable plan to help you achieve extraordinary results.

In the Jumpstart Workshop, you will:

Get clarity on Your Purpose.

Discover your Core Values and how to leverage them to make better decisions.

Design a path to achieving your goals by creating a 411.

Identify the next habit you want to form in order to achieve your goals.

Understand the most common lies between you and success and the strategies you’ll need to overcome them.

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The ONE Thing Book and Planner on a desk
Register for the Jumpstart Workshop and receive:

  • The ONE Thing Core Values Deck
  • A 12-Month ONE Thing Planner
  • Live, small group coaching sessions
  • Access to exclusive content, tools, and guides, like the 411 and the 66-Day Challenge® habit tracker
  • Support from like-minded individuals in The ONE Thing Community

Your investment of $995 includes registration for one individual. 
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