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What is holding you back from your one thing?

Lack of Accountability

I set goals and life always gets in the way.

Lack of A Clear Plan

I know what my goals are, but have no plan to get me there.

Lack of Realistic Goals

I don’t have motivation to stick with my goals.

Many people struggle to achieve their goals because they lack clear direction and focus. Our One Thing Approach provides a clear path to success.

We’ve proven 3 simple steps to helping you achieve any goal.

Introducing the One Thing Approach

Create Purpose

Cast Your Vision

Identify and understand your values, why, mindset, and limiting beliefs as a launching pad for powerful and attainable goals.

Make Then, Now

Build Your Plan

Transform your vision into an easy-to-understand roadmap to find clarity and alignment.

Stop Being Busy

Increase Your Productivity

Use our actionable systems and tools to focus on activities that will help you achieve your goals and tune out distractions.

Together we can achieve your one thing.

Our world-class training and coaching solutions pick up where the bestselling book, The ONE Thing leaves off. We offer simple tools to help transform the way you think about goals and what is possible so you can achieve what matters most both personally and professionally. Here’s how you can work with our team of experts.

Goal Setting Retreat

Annual Weekend-Long Retreat

At our Goal Setting Retreat, you will imagine what extraordinary looks like for your life, build a simple action plan, and get support from a like-minded community to achieve it.

One-to-One Coaching

Personalized Support

Get an expert coach dedicated to your success. You’ll get personalized support to help you identify and clarify your biggest goals, prioritize the actions that need to be taken in order to achieve them, and establish a rhythm of accountability to stay on track.

Corporate & Team Workshops

Transform Your Leadership

Your team will learn the simple approach to achieving alignment and clarity in just one day. Elevate your business by giving your team permission to think big and go small by focusing on the most important activities that will impact your bottom line.

Hear From Others Who Were Just Like You

“The process was out-of-this-world, and the results are par-none. I have been a member of One Thing for four years, and I knew I needed to dive deeper into my GPS and 411. The coaching was personal and direct. They helped me to clearly identify my GPS and 411. They constantly asked me questions that led me to dig deeper and get results. I now know how to use this valuable tool to set my business up for success.”

Heather H., Entreprenuer & Small Business Owner

“They don’t just give you a report on what needs to be fixed. They change the way your people think, show up, and actually deliver results.”

Sudhanshu S., CEO

“I joined the community overwhelmed and struggling to do EVERYTHING. I quickly learned that everything doesn’t matter equally. I’ve since become more productive and confidently set big goals because I know I can achieve them.”

Kimberly R., ONE Thing Member

“It has helped my personal life because I feel more in control of my work life. My wife even commented, “Jay you’re more relaxed over the last month than you’ve ever been!”

Jay C., Director of Fortune 500 Company

“I didn’t want to get to the end of my day…my week…my life and wonder what I did. I want to live my best life on purpose. I joined to surround myself with like-minded people who want to continually grow while enjoying the journey.”

Michelle S., ONE Thing Member

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