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Turn your big ambitions into bite-sized, achievable daily habits.

Find Community, Support, & Motivation in The One Thing Membership

Join our community and receive:

✓ weekly and monthly interactive workshops

✓ members-only content

✓ an exclusive network of like-minded high-achievers

Belong to a community that supports you with life-changing tools to:

Develop a Relationship with Your Goals

Create Powerful, Successful Habits

Build a Roadmap for Success

Connect with Like-Minded Goal Setters

Our coaches guide you to take your big ambitions and break them down into manageable goals and activities, with regular adjustments along the way so that you can progress towards the full achievement of your goals.

Here’s how…

Inside Our Goal Achiever Membership

The One Thing Portal

Full Access to Our Entire Course Library

You’ll get full access to our library of courses that are filled with engaging videos led by our experienced coaches that you can complete at your own pace.

Our course library will teach you how to:

  • Identify your core values
  • Understand the principles of The One Thing
  • Cast a vision for your future
  • Build your one-page plan
  • Create your accountability tool
  • Form supportive habits
  • Time block your priorities

LIVE Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Are you frustrated with setting goals and not being able to achieve them?

Join us every month for our eye-opening group coaching sessions! As you change the way you view, set, and achieve your goals, there are some common challenges that arise. Here we share best practices for these challenges so you can remain on track to achieving your goals.

Forming Your Habits Challenges

Is it difficult for you to hold yourself accountable to your goals?

We challenge you to create new habits! We encourage our members to engage in the process of forming powerful habits to support achieving their goals.

What will you achieve by completing these challenges?

You will form a new habit over a 66-day period in alignment with a goal you have identified for the year or a subsequent milestone to achieving that goal.

Member-Only Exclusive Emails

ProduKtive community members receive exclusive content straight to their inboxes every month. We provide self-guided exercises and information to keep goal achievement top of mind throughout the year.

  • You will establish a monthly routine of self-reflection to support your goal achievement.
  • You will receive consistent resources to continue developing a relationship with your goals

One-Hour Weekly Community Connects

Come together with other members of The One Thing community, every week for an hour!

  • One-to-one goal-sharing and accountability conversations with other high achievers
  • A refined plan that will determine your actions throughout the week to achieve your monthly and yearly goals
  • Enhance the skillset of breaking down complex goals into weekly steps (go from outcome to action!)

Be ProduKtive Podcast Episodes

Get your weekly dose of motivation, insight, connectivity, and guidance to live the ProduKtive approach! This is a member-exclusive podcast that offers a more in-depth look at the ProduKtive approach.

  • You will learn and understand different ways to implement the Produktive approach.
  • You will find motivation, inspiration, and content that connects to the current theme for the month.
  • Gain a fresh perspective on how to maintain a relationship with your goals.
  • Connect relevant topics or solutions to common challenges to the ProduKtive approach.

Create Your One-Year Plan with Foundations Bootcamp

Whether you are a new member or a long-standing member who needs a refresh on their knowledge, Bootcamp is for you! 

You will understand how purpose and core values fit into goal setting while creating powerful goals to work toward during your 12-month goal achievement process!


4-Part ProduKtive Approach Workshop Series

Join us for this 4-part workshop series that follows the progression of goal achievement over the course of 12 months. They include live discussions, thought-provoking content and exercises, and much more!

Learn to set powerful goals and follow a goal achievement process to be successful at the end of the year.

2022 & 2023 Goal Setting Retreat Replays

Get an inside look at our event of the year with over 12 hours of video replays! Hosted by the co-author of The ONE Thing book Jay Papasan and his wife Wendy Papasan. 

Community Member Levels

Where are you on your journey? Select your growth plan below.


“Living Your ONE Thing unleashes your ability to achieve what you want most out of life personally and professionally. I’ve discovered how to dream big and gives myself the permission and the tools to go after it.”

Michael C, LYOT Member

"Just had one of the most intentional and productive quarters of my life. Started a marketing push for my business that I've put off for years, bought a multifamily rental that matched my financial criteria, and my relationship with my partner is better than ever!

Daniel C, LYOT Member

“I joined the community overwhelmed and struggling to do EVERYTHING. I quickly learned that everything doesn’t matter equally. I’ve since become more productive and confidently set big goals because I know I can achieve them.”

Kimberly R, ONE Thing Member

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The One Thing Membership?

The One Thing Membership is a community led by coaches who will teach and guide you in transforming the way you view, set, and achieve your goals.

How often is live coaching and workshops?

We offer live coaching and workshops weekly! All sessions are recorded and members receive free access to the replays.


What if I try membership and decide it’s not for me?

We want you to feel comfortable with your decision which is why we are offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee! We know life can get in the way and we want you to have plenty of time to experience the benefits this community can bring to your life.

If at any point during your first 30 days you decide this is not a fit, you can email us at or navigate to your account settings and click “Billing,” then “Cancel Subscription.”

Please note, refunds will not be provided after 30 days.


Are there replays?

Yes! All of our member levels receive access to any live session recordings. 

If I want more advanced training, what are my options?

Becoming a member is a great way to begin establishing a relationship with your goals. Once you’ve established habits, you may find yourself asking for more. Many of our members have gone on to:

  1. Get one-on-one coaching.
  2. Attend our in-person events like the 2023 Goal Setting Retreat.
  3. Bring the ProduKtive Approach to their organization with team training and workshops.

For more information, email

How do I access The One Thing community?

Access our on-demand courses, the community, and so much more on your desktop computer. You can download the app for Apple or Google here.

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