Identify and achieve your most important business objectives through world-class training, coaching, and workshops.

We help high-achieving teams and organizations identify, prioritize, and achieve their most business objectives. Through our world-class training and coaching, we teach you how to approach your goals differently by breaking them down into simple, actionable tasks that allow you to see a clear path to success and see results immediately.

Based on the bestselling business book, The ONE Thing, we focus on goal setting, productivity, and habit formation, so your team can avoid burnout and start achieving extraordinary results.


Unlock your team’s productivity and performance.


Our experienced ONE Thing Coaches will help you align your team, and avoid burnout and extensive employee turnover while increasing your business’s growth.


Train with a ONE Thing expert through a variety of foundational workshops to develop a lasting vision for your organization, strategize your business, and create an action plan.


Team-facilitated training will make implementing our simple, results-driven tools easier to scale across your entire organization and establish a clear rhythm of accountability.


Bring The ONE Thing speakers to your business or organization to help reinforce foundational principles, increase excitement, and drive results!

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Our system is based on one of the bestselling business books:
The ONE Thing.

Gary Keller knew he had to change the way he thought about time if he was going to live a life without regret.

The decision he made to invest his time, instead of spending it, propelled him to turn Keller Williams into the largest real estate company in the world. His solution became the inspiration for the book: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.

Today, the book is one of the highest-rated business books of all time, helping millions of people ditch distractions for a life of freedom.

Now, organizations are using our system based to change how leaders align their teams, prioritize what matters most, and achieve results.

“They don’t just give you a report on what needs to be fixed. They change the way your people think, show up, and actually deliver results.”

Sudhanshu S | CEO

Align Your Team. Get Results.

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