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The ONE Thing Tools and Templates

GPS, 411, 66-Day Challenge

Taking a 66-Day Challenge to build a habit? We’ve got a tracking calendar for that! Building your first 411, use our time-tested template. Plotting world domination? Try our one-page business plan, AKA the GPS.

The ONE Thing Approach to Goal-Setting

411, GPS, & The ONE Thing Approach to Goal Setting

Most set goals based on the biggest, most interesting opportunities in their headlights. This leads to an achievement treadmill that can look impressive at a glance but doesn’t take you anywhere worthwhile. The ONE Thing approach to goal-setting will help you create a purpose-driven, values-based vision for your future. With this clear road map, each year’s goals become mile markers on a more significant journey.

The ONE Thing Approach to Accountability

411 & The ONE Thing Approach to Accountability

As a leader, getting everyone on the same page and keeping them on track can be a real challenge. We’ve solved both problems with The ONE Thing Guide to Accountability. This proven resource will walk you through meeting with your direct reports, reviewing their 411’s, and helping them reach their goals in 30 minutes or less.

Book Resources

The ONE Thing Book References & Figures

If you’re listening on audio, or just want to share the book with your team, this download contains all of the graphics and figures from the book.  With over four years of research leading up to the publication of the book, the references were simply too long to include in the book. If you’re looking for all of the sources of the great information in The ONE Thing, you’ll find them here.


Live Webinar

The ONE Thing Free Webinar

This month’s webinar topic is about discovering your core values. Join us Thursday, May 23rd at 1pm CT.


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