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The Core Values Deck is an interactive tool that can be used alone or shared with your partner, friends, or team. This powerful deck will help you discover your top values so you can navigate difficult decisions, tap into your ONE Thing, and live with purpose. Define your top values with confidence and ease, so you can:

    • Triangulate your personal true north
    • Set the best habits and goals for your values
    • Know which opportunities to take and which to turn down
    • Get in sync with your partner, family, friendships, and work
    • Align your choices with your values and step into your best self

        Here’s how the Core Values Deck works:


          • Flip through the deck of values and consider each card, one-by-one
          • Put the values that resonate with you into your shortlist pile and discard the rest
          • If your word is missing, write it on one of the blank cards
          • Choose your top three by reviewing the shortlist until you’ve narrowed down the cards that resonate the most
          • Rank the final three cards in order of priority


              Designed to help you focus on what matters most, The ONE Thing 12-Month Planner includes a monthly view of time, plus:

              • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Reflect & Plan sections to help you think back on your wins and plan ahead to stay on track
              • Quarterly modules designed to help you rethink how you use your time, learn about your priorities, and time block for the months ahead
              • Idea Pages and a glossary to help you think creatively for your business plan, planning retreats, or goals
              • 66-Day Challenge® Sheets to track intentional habit formation

              Product Specifications:

              • 8.5 x 11.375
              • Softcover with matte black finish
              • Elastic closure
              • Dual ribbon bookmarks: black and red
                      The ONE Thing Planner

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                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      What are core values and why are they important?

                      Core values are the things you hold most dear and are the deeply held beliefs that are your fundamental driving forces.

                      When you have clarity on your values, you can use them like a compass that helps you align your decisions and live your purpose. 

                      How many different ways can I use this deck?

                      You can use this deck to discover the core values for:

                      1. Yourself
                      2. Your significant other
                      3. Your organization
                      4. Your teammates

                      When you know what matters most, you make better decisions and avoid living a life of regret.


                      Do you ship internationally?

                      We do!

                      If you would like your values deck shipped outside the continental US, please send your address to us at support@the1thing and we will create a custom quote for you!

                      Is there a refund policy?

                      Unopened Core Values Decks can be returned within 30 days of receiving your order.

                      If you have any questions, please email us at

                      If I want more advanced training to connect my core values to my purpose, what are my options?

                      Becoming a Living Your ONE Thing member is a great way to expand your learning and continue on the path of mastery. Become an annual member by visiting

                      Many of our members have also gone on to:

                      1. Have a ONE Thing facilitator lead a custom experience for your team. Email to learn more.
                      2. Bring The ONE Thing to their organization through our corporate training
                      3. Attend our annual Goal Setting Retreat and learn how to align your goals with your values.

                      All information on these can be found at

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