presidents heads

The ONE Thing Washington and Lincoln Did as President

Being the leader of the free world is by far the most difficult job on the planet. It’s a role that requires an amazing amount of focus and sacrifice, and it doesn’t allow for time off. President’s Day was established as a time for us to honor our country’s fearless
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how to break a bad habit

How To Break A Bad Habit

Most of us have tried many times before, but just haven’t been able to work out how to break a bad habit. We know we’d be better off without the habit, but for better or worse it serves a purpose in our life. Maybe it’s biting your fingernails, compulsively checking email,
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Your Most Productive Snow Day Yet

When the needle dips below thirty two degrees and precipitation is at 80%, it’s likely a productive day at the office is not in the cards come 6am. But, before you jump between sighing with relief at a little down time and panting in distress at a missed day of
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3 Ways to Save for Your Kid's College Education

3 Ways to Save for Your Kid’s College Education

As you pull up to your office on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day it may be hard to imagine that, one day soon, your child sitting in the backseat of the family vehicle will be off pursuing their own career. Participating in this special event is a great educational opportunity
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Look Sharp: 6 Changes You Can Make Today to Appear Smarter

  Perception is everything. No matter how often we’re told to not judge a book by its cover, human nature makes it difficult. We’re naturally inclined to make snap judgments based on first impressions, which are largely visual. This tendency to visually assess others is exemplified in how we gauge
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Why a “Culture Fit” Isn’t Always That Great

  “We hire for culture fits.” “Culture fit” is a hot buzzword in today’s hiring and organizational management thought circles. What is a culture fit? There are different definitions out there, but one of the most common definitions is, “does this person think like us and act like us?” Asking
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Be Aware of Your Spirituality

Physician, teacher and bestselling author Deepak Chopra’s take on spirituality opens the conversation to a new audience and arena. While many tie spirituality to religion, dogma, ideology or self-righteous morality, Chopra draws a purposeful line to awareness. As we begin to wind down our spiritual mentor month, we wanted to
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Take Your Reading Game to the Next Level

If, like many of us, you find yourself with extra time on your hands, you may want to do something productive with your time. And sometimes, there’s nothing more productive than introducing yourself to new ideas. Books offer us more than entertainment. Fiction can be both fun and keep our
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Don’t Let Negativity Take Over! Fight It with These 3 Questions

Mind over matter. Put your mind to it. Believe it and you will achieve it. There are a lot of sayings connected to thinking your way through a challenge. So why is it that so many of us let our negative thoughts get in the way of progress? Some neuropsychologists
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Groundhog tips for the work environment

Groundhog Day Inspiration for Improving Your Work Environment

Yesterday the under-appreciated groundhog got its annual 15 minutes of fame. These little guys are best known for shadow spotting and wreaking havoc with their burrows, but groundhogs can also teach us a lot about creating a favorable work environment. Four Work Environment Lessons from the Groundhog There are some
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