Looking to make a positive change in your health in 2018? We all set goals, but it takes proper planning and tools to implement them successful. Join Tom Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition to hear about his journey and how you can achieve your fitness goals in the new year.

Quest Nutrition co-founder and President Tom Bilyeu didn’t start out in the health-food business. Before turning his focus to creating nutritious snacking options, the University of Southern California graduate had a successful career in the technology sector, serving as the CMO of Awareness Technologies for almost eight years. After the sale of the data loss company in 2010, Bilyeu started to seek new opportunities that he could feel passionate about. A shared love of fitness and passion for healthy eating brought him together with Awareness Technologies’ founders, Ron Penna and Mike Osborn. Unable to find a protein bar that wasn’t full of sugars and additives, the co-founders took inspiration from the homemade nutrition bars Penna’s wife, Shannan, would send into the Awareness Technologies’ office.