11. Building Coffee Beans into an Empire – Fmr CEO Annie Hyman Pratt

Feb 9, 2017 | 0 comments

Do you ever wonder what it will take to scale your business into an empire? Today you get to meet the former CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Amy Hyman Pratt, who will break down how she scaled her business by focusing on three things: Accountability Top talent Showing up as the best version of herself

In this episode you will learn…

  • [4:19] A difficult (and expensive) decision Annie had to make because it was the right decision.
  • [7:15] Why scaling a business can lead to huge challenges.
  • [9:47] Why micromanaging can hurt your organization.
  • [11:30] AH-HA Moment: The moment Annie realized she needed to make a huge mindset shift.
  • [13:20] Why you need to create a culture of open and honest communication in your organization.
  • [14:42] Why you need to take responsibility for leveling up your mindset when you are affected by limiting beliefs.
  • [15:43] How you can create a psychologically safe environment for your team.
  • [16:55] How you can learn to succeed through others.
  • [17:50] Why honoring your core values will force you to sacrifice something – and guide you towards long-term success.
  • [21:24] How to identify YOUR North Star…
  • [22:25] …and the ONE thing you can do to stick to it.
  • [25:54] Why these three things will help you build a team that grows quickly – without losing your ONE thing.

The ONE Thing to Take Away From This Episode:

Ask this question to assess the accountability of prospective talent: “Tell me about a time when a mistake was made in an organization and you got blamed hardcore for it. What was the situation, how did it turn out, and what would you do differently next time?”

Links & Tools From This Episode

  • IMPAQentrepreneur.com
  • RapidBusinessGrowthIntensive.com


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