114. Enriching the Relationships that Matter Most

Feb 5, 2018 | 0 comments

Why are you doing what you are doing?   The ONE Thing is about teaching the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results, but many of us fail to ask ourselves that simple question. For many of us, we do what we do to create moments that matter with the people that matter… but, too often, we lose sight of these relationships.   We are dedicating the entire month of February, in our Living Your ONE Thing Community, to creating extraordinary relationships in four specific areas: wealth determiners, loved ones, friends, and mentors. This episode will give you a taste of that, because whether you’re a member or not we want you to understand the journey that we’re going on so that you can go on it as well.  

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

If you can only choose one area discussed in this episode to focus on – relationships with wealth determiners, loved ones, friends, or mentors – which do you need to focus on most?   Then, what is the ONE relationship that you can form or enrich that will make everything else easier or unnecessary for you?   If you’d like us to be there as your accountability partner along the way, go to the1thing.com/membership.  

In this episode you will learn…

  • [3:40] What questions you should ask yourself about your relationship with the people who determine your wealth and the people whose wealth you determine.
  • [8:30] ONE thing you can do to focus more on the relationships with your loved ones.
  • [12:20] Why you should stop acting like an entrepreneur when it comes to managing your friendships and start getting purposeful about it.
  • [15:00] How to nurture relationships with your mentors and coaches.
  • [17:40] How you can decide what ONE relationship needs your focus now.  

Links & Tools From This Episode

If you’d like to join us for support on your journey, go to the1thing.com/membership or text the word ACCOUNTABILITY to the number 33444. If you’re missing a coach, email geoff [at] the1thing [dot] com with the subject “COACHING.” —   Will you help us get to know you better?   We want to learn more about you so that we can better serve you through our content and our acts, so we created a survey that will take you less than one minute to complete.   Go to the1thing.com/podcastquiz to take the quiz.

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