235. You’re Only ONE Habit Away from Extraordinary Results

Mar 30, 2020 | 0 comments

If you knew what Your ONE Thing was, wouldn’t it make sense to make it a habit?

Forming habits is more than just behavior change — It’s about getting clarity on the activities required to become the person you are striving to be. It’s about the daily choices that define your future self. It’s about leaning into habits as a system for small, daily improvements that, with time, add up to extraordinary results.

Today, we’re going to hear from someone who knows a thing or two about habit formation. He’s lived it firsthand while also digging into research that is the foundation of the 66-day challenge. We talk about the reasoning behind the 66 days, how changing one habit can lead to a halo effect, and how you can find Your ONE Thing that, by doing it, makes everything else easier or irrelevant.

We don’t need to overthink this. Sometimes we get paralyzed by trying to choose the right one thing and all we actually need to do is point ourselves in the direction of our goals and take the first small step. For you, that might be to join our community and jump in during this time where we are forming new habits together and gain the accountability and sense of belonging that you need to get through this next season. Visit the1thing.com/habits to get your 66-day trial and form a power habit with us.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • [06:23] When behaviors become a habit
  • [10:26] Making your habits really important to you
  • [14:37] How to find your lead domino
  • [26:45] Finding the small activities you need to change
  • [35:31] What the halo effect is and how it compounds change
  • [39:54] Reverse engineering a results-driven goal
  • [44:18] Taking care of yourself before you take care of others
  • [47:24] Knowing when to pivot and change your habits

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