253. Best of Habits | Health with Tom Bilyeu

Jul 20, 2020 | 0 comments

Did you come into this year imaging what was possible for yourself?

Many of us had big plans for all the things we were going to accomplish this year—whether personally, professionally, or both—and then COVID-19 hit and we were derailed by our new reality. None of us had the existing habits we needed to support our new environments.

Tom Bilyeu took a look at his life and realized he was capable of more. He decided to be the kind of person whose habits brought him closer to his health goals and he exercises them every day. While he calls himself an “average person,” he credits habits and routines with allowing him to experience overwhelming success in his life, his business, and most importantly, his health.

The path to getting everything you want starts with one habit at a time. When you choose to form a habit around ONE Thing, and you have the support of a community around you, everything becomes easier. You can learn more about our upcoming habit-forming 66-Day Challenge at the1thing.com/habits.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • [05:40] The lie of productivity
  • [07:36] The challenge of creating new habits
  • [14:44] The simplest knowledge for making change
  • [17:04] Creating habits around exercise
  • [20:35] Saying “yes” to something is saying “no” to something else
  • [24:32] Getting your spouse on board with your goals
  • [29:14] Staying motivated
  • [39:18] Getting clarity on what matters most

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