297. How a 19-Year-Old Used The ONE Thing to Make $1M in 18 Months | Will Brown

May 3, 2021 | 0 comments

The ONE Thing is the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results. In order for you to achieve extraordinary results, you can’t follow the ordinary path. If you do what most people do, you will get the results that most people get.

Will Brown discovered The ONE Thing when he was in college. When he realized that the traditional path of college-to-career wasn’t for him, he dropped out of school, started a real estate investment company, and earned over $1 million by the time he was nineteen.

Even outside of a typical school setting, Will invested in his education, listening to podcasts and reading books, and put what he learned into action. On this journey, he started to spot the patterns behind the results he desired, building models and systems to empower other people to produce them, enabling him to keep his focus on his ONE Thing.

Challenge why you’re doing what you’re doing. Ask if what you’re doing is the best that you can do, or if not, what is the best you could be doing? Based on that, what is The ONE Thing you could do that would make everything else easier or unnecessary? Because the path to getting everything you want starts with just ONE Thing at a time.

To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: the1thing.com/podcast.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • [03:12] Going an inch wide and a mile deep in college
  • [11:33] How Will built a million dollar real estate business without down payments
  • [18:32] Getting purposeful with your time
  • [25:36] How asking questions leads to better results
  • [30:34] What happens when you hit the financial ceiling 

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