337. How Do You Know If You Are Successfully Living The ONE Thing? | Laurie Roth

Feb 7, 2022 | 0 comments

Chances are, if you’re listening to this, you’re familiar with The ONE Thing and you’re already implementing its lessons in your life. But what if you’re doing your best to follow your ONE Thing but still feel like you’re coming up short? What does success, or even progress, look like? 

Today’s guest is Laurie Roth. You’ve heard from Laurie before, but today is a little bit different. She’s been following the ONE Thing since she was introduced to it in 2018, but struggles to put it into practice each day. This is a common refrain. Knowing what we should do isn’t the same as actually doing it. And let’s be honest, when your boss or colleague needs something from you, it’s very easy to discard your priorities to be a people pleaser. 

The constant course corrections become exhausting and the lingering feeling that you’re doing something wrong can make you want to abandon your ONE Thing altogether, which is never the right thing to do. 

Your best option is to protect your time once it’s blocked. You will be amazed at just how receptive most people are if you push back, even just slightly. A subtle “I can get this done by this time,” instead of, “I’ll take care of this right away,” is a perfectly suitable and understandable response when someone’s asking for help. With that slight verbal variation, you’re not dropping your priorities in favor of someone else’s. 

Listen to the full episode as we reestablish this lesson and many more on our way to confidently and consistently committing to our ONE Thing.

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In this episode, you will learn…

  • [03:16] How do you know if you’re actually managing to live your ONE Thing?
  • [05:46] How to properly use time blocking and a 4-0-1-1
  • [20:36] The importance of shutting down constant notifications so we can focus on our priorities

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