401. Influencing Billions of People with a Human Centered Approach with Mauro Porcini

May 22, 2023 | 0 comments

In a world that’s constantly evolving at breakneck speed, how can organizations keep up? Today’s guest, Mauro Porcini, argues that the key lies in being human-centric and value-driven.

With a rich background in design and a proven track record as a senior leader in multiple organizations, Mauro brings unique insights into how we can integrate design concepts into innovation, and how we can mold technology to fit the landscape of the future.

But above all, our conversation centered on the importance of people – understanding them, recognizing their needs, and finding ways to add value to their lives. This aligns perfectly with our philosophy at The ONE Thing – that having a clear purpose enables us to prioritize what truly matters, thereby driving productivity towards our set goals.

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We talk about:

  • How every decision you make, regardless of outcome, impacts who you become
  • The three dimensions of human-centered design
  • The challenge of taking a human-centered approach – and why it’s worth it
  • Three dimensions of love to incorporate into your life

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