410. Potential Equals Ability Times Motivation with Chris McDonell

Jul 24, 2023 | 0 comments

Are you interested in discovering the secrets of successful sales training? Do you want to learn how to effectively lead and coach a winning sales team? If so, this episode of The ONE Thing Podcast is especially for you.

Today, we are privileged to converse with Chris McDonell, a respected national sales trainer and the president of Sandler/McDonell Consulting Group. Chris walks us through his time-tested methodology for sales training, explores how sales training has evolved with the advent of technology, and shares valuable insights on how to efficiently and effectively lead and coach a superior sales team.

We all have different roles and are part of different industries, but one thing remains constant – the drive to achieve our goals. And that’s why we believe there’s so much you can take away from this conversation. Here at The ONE Thing, we firmly advocate the power of clarity on purpose, big goals, future visions for success, and personal values in influencing our decisions and priorities. This clarity is key to boosting productivity and setting achievable objectives for yourself and your organization.

If this podcast resonates with you and you’re curious to learn more about how to apply these concepts of The ONE Thing to your business, your teams, or your personal life, don’t hesitate to visit the1thing.com/coaching. Book a free coaching session with one of our certified coaches and trainers to bring these tools and skills directly to you and your business.

To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: the1thing.com/pods.

We talk about:

  • Adapting to the changing world of sales and marketing
  • The “Success Triangle” of attitude, behavior, and technique
  • The top behaviors of sales leadership
  • The 4 S model for organizational success

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