90. How to Write a Bestseller with The ONE Thing’s Publisher Ray Bard

Nov 13, 2017 | 0 comments

Ray Bard is one of the most successful business publishers in the world. He published The ONE Thing and the best-selling sales book of all time, The Little Red Book of Selling. Ray’s newest bestseller is Fired Up! Selling, a quote book for salespeople.   We talk about what it takes to create a bestseller, and you get a peek into the mind of a marketing genius. Ray’s insight goes much deeper than writing – it applies to any business, product, or service.   We recorded this conversation as part of our monthly ONE Thing webinar series. Every month, we feature an incredible author so that you can learn directly from them and ask questions. If you want to sign up for our next FREE monthly webinar, head over to the1thing.com/webinars.   Time is running out! Join us for our first live event: What: The ONE Thing Goal-Setting Retreat When: November 30th, 2017 – December 1st, 2017 Where: Austin, Texas How: the1thing.com/event    

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

This conversation isn’t just about books – it’s about business and serving people at the highest level. When you look at what you do, is there a deep-felt need? Is it a small market or a big market? Are you selling hope?   And out of everything you heard today, what is the ONE thing you can take action on today?   Open up your calendar and schedule 15 minutes so you can create a plan for putting it into action.  

In this episode you will learn…

  • [3:30] Why Ray focuses on publishing just ONE book at a time (compared to the average publisher, which releases 2-500 books a year).
  • [9:00] Why you have to “create” a bestseller – you don’t just write one.
  • [12:00] How you can assess the size of a market (number of potential customers) and a market’s depth (the strength of the felt need), and then leverage that information to market your product or service.
  • [24:10] What you need to ask yourself (and do) before you start creating a new product or service.
  • [35:20] Why all you need to have a successful and thriving business is 1,000 raving fans.  


  • The Kick Ass Guide To Accountability Check out our awesome blog!
  • [FREE Training] How to Start Time Blocking TODAY!  

Links & Tools From This Episode  

  • Learn more about Bard Press  
  • Join the Fired Up! Selling Project: FiredUpSellingProject.com  
  • The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer Fired Up!
  • Selling: Great Quotes to Inspire, Energize, Succeed by Ray Bard  
  • Read: “1,000 True Fans” by Kevin Kelly
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