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Are Poor Health Habits Hurting Your Productivity?

You take care of your equipment, office, vehicle and home, but if you aren’t taking care of yourself everything can quickly fall apart. Poor health doesn’t just take a physical toll on the body. It can also seriously hinder mental performance. We all know that we should eat a healthy
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Free Yourself this Independence Day by Going from Entrepreneurial to Purposeful

Today is Independence Day, and while most of us aren’t fighting against an extraterrestrial invasion, there are still plenty of things in our lives we’re struggling against. When it comes to business, one out of this world adversary we’re constantly fighting against is an entrepreneurial mindset. An entrepreneurial mindset is
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Re-engage Your Spiritual Life with These Simple Habits

Some parts of life grab more of our attention than others. Some “circles” like our finances, our careers, and even our health have clear indicators of success that are easily definable. The goals we set for those areas are easy to make measurable and specific. Spirituality, in contrast, can be
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Taking the Fear Out of Talking About Finances

Howard Stern is known as the shock jock, but if you ever hear him interview celebrities you may be surprised that the questions most people are hesitant to answer revolve around money. Despite discussing other intimate topics, many of Stern’s guests become audibly uncomfortable as soon as finance is mentioned.
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New Research on Willpower Shows Importance of Motivation, Attention, and Mindset

Here at The ONE Thing, we are always looking out for new research that can impact our productivity and help us accomplish our goals. And when new research comes out that matters to us, we want our readers to see it, too. One of the Six Lies we discuss in
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Big Thinker

Lie #6: Big is Bad

All too often people get spooked by the idea of going big. Staying small may seem safer and easier, but it also limits success. Holding on to the thought that big is bad will do nothing but hold you back. Going Big Gets You Places The greatest successes in history
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Mistakes We Make When Looking for Job Mentors

Job mentors make it much easier to identify the steps you need to take to get where you want to be in your career. Being able to tap into their experience – in hindsight – is invaluable and can make all the difference in the world when it comes to
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Only Chasing Realistic Goals? Stop Limiting Your Potential

If you’ve ever taken a dive into goal setting research—academic or otherwise—you’ve probably been told that your success hinges on your ability to get real with yourself. When we say “get real”, we mean setting down-to-earth goals that you know you’re able to achieve. This idea tends to be a
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Alex Charfen

Jay Papasan Talks Focus with Alex Charfen

Enjoy this off-the-cuff interview on KellerINK’s The ONE Thing, and hear why Jay says busy does not equal productive, multitasking is a lie and there’s still time for Downton Abbey.
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If You Find Yourself Saying, “I Need Motivation!” Here Are a Few Ideas

As with so many of our behaviors, we find that our brain is a major player in our sense of motivation. In fact, scientists have discovered there are certain portions of the brain – like the striatum and ventromedial prefrontal cortex, for instance – that are directly connected to this
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