An Invitation to Create Explosive Growth In Your Life

Apr 11, 2017 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

Explosive Growth

Is it time for you to take your productivity and focus to the next level? Do you want to bring more purpose and clarity to the most important parts of your life? Do you want to see more pay-off and profits from all the effort you put in?

If so, then we have a special invitation for you in this post. We’re launching a private membership platform called Founding Members Club, where you will get access to the processes, community, and accountability that have created explosive growth in businesses and personal lives all over the world.

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There are four key elements of creating success, in any area of our lives.

Whether we’re focused on business, family, health, or a cause, we need to have all four elements in play in order to get the best results — but all too often, we only focus on one or two elements. Ignoring the other elements leads  us to burn-out, bad decisions and distraction, and our time is just too precious to let that happen. Let’s dive into the four elements, so you can start putting them into action today.

The Four Elements of Success

To achieve extraordinary results, we need to work backwards from the result we’re looking for. Let’s take business, for example. The goal of any business is to create profit — it’s the result that lets us know that we’re working on the right things, and that our energy is being used effectively. We know that to create profit, we have to be productive… and most of us stop there. We think of productivity as a stand-alone quality in ourselves, when in fact true productivity can only happen when we are clear on our priorities. To get that clarity around our priorities, we have to dig even deeper, to identify our purpose — why we’re here, doing what we’re doing.

These are the four elements of success, in order of importance:

  • Purpose
  • Priority
  • Productivity
  • Profit

If you know your purpose, then it’s easy to determine your priorities. Once you know your priorities, you can become highly productive, which in turn leads naturally to profit.

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan describe this process in their book, The ONE Thing:

“Your big ONE Thing is your purpose and your small ONE Thing is your priority you take action on to achieve it. The most productive people start with purpose and use it like a compass. They allow purpose to be the guiding force in determining the priority that drives their actions.

This is the straightest path to extraordinary results… the more productive people are, the more purpose and priority are pushing and driving them… All of us want productivity and profit, but too many fail to realize that the best path to attaining them is through purpose-driven priority.”

(If you’ve had trouble identifying your purpose in the past, try asking these questions.)

Putting the Four Elements Into Action

It’s easy to read blog posts like this, nod along with all the ideas and suggestions… and then never do anything with them. In fact, it’s one of the most common problems we hear about here at The ONE Thing. Our readers love the ideas they get from the book and these blog posts, but actually putting them into action on a consistent basis is where things get hard.

This is because most of us don’t have a supportive community around us that will keep us focused and accountable. Left to our own devices, it’s easy to lose sight of our purpose, get distracted by lesser priorities, excuse poor productivity and accept less profit.

But we’re not here for that kind of mediocrity, are we?

In order to help you achieve truly extraordinary results, we’ve created Founding Members Club — a private membership designed to create that community and accountability in your life. This community is going to be a powerful tool for anyone who is ready to take their most important work to the next level. We’ll be using the same processes that took our parent company, Keller Williams Realty, from a small local business into an international juggernaut.

Designed to connect you with other people who want to achieve extraordinary results in every part of their lives, Founding Members Club will have a heavy focus on accountability. Each and every week, we’ll be doing a live 411 call with members to keep everyone focused on our long-term purpose and priorities, while helping everyone to get clarity about their priorities and how to be most productive each week.

If you read this post and thought to yourself, “Yep — I want to use my purpose to set my priorities, and to become more productive and profitable in every part of my life”, then apply to join Founding Members Club right now. You need to take action for real change to happen — reading another blog post is not enough. Become part of something bigger today, and take the first step forward towards the extraordinary life you know you can create.

This membership won’t be for everyone. If you don’t want to share your ambitions and struggles with other people, or are not willing to be held accountable each week, then this is not the right community for you. But if you know that accountability is the way to success, and that you’re ready to supercharge your productivity and profitability, apply here. We’ll be going through every application to make sure that we have the most supportive, effective group of people in each cohort, and we’d love you to be one of them.

Have questions about Founding Members Club? Text the word FOUNDER to the number 33444 and we’ll be in touch.