108. What You Can Learn About Living Life From People Who Are Fighting For It | Jon Vroman

Jan 15, 2018 | 0 comments

If you ask Gary Keller what inspired him to write The ONE Thing, he will tell you that it’s about living a life of no regret. How can we make the most out of our limited time here on Earth, and live a life that is extraordinary?   We believe that living a life without regret really comes down to making moments that matter.   Today’s guest, Jon Vroman, was inspired by this idea. He founded the Front Row Foundation and wrote the #1 bestselling book The Front Row Factor, and he has dedicated the rest of his life to helping others, especially people who are fighting for their lives, create moments that matter.  

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

Many of us tell ourselves the story that we can’t do something because we imagine the person we were yesterday and not the person we are today – or who we will be tomorrow.   We believe that you can achieve far more than you believe is possible if you are willing to help raise other people up.   So out of everything that you heard in this episode, what is the ONE thing you can do that will allow you to help others create moments that matter?  

In this episode you will learn…

  • [7:00] How you can start experiencing moments that matter every single day.
  • [14:50] The difference between wishful thinking and hope (and why hope is so powerful).
  • [21:40] How you can make moments that matter for yourself – and others.  

Links & Tools From This Episode

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  • Read: The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with The Art of Moment Making
  • Listen: The Front Row Factor podcast

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