123. Where are You Making Excuses Instead of Getting Results? | JT McCormick

Mar 8, 2018 | 0 comments

Today we are getting raw and vulnerable with all of you.   In our conversations with all of you, we’ve learned that many of you are making excuses for your results – and in reality, the ONE thing you’re failing to do is look in the mirror and accept accountability.  

JT McCormick had an unfortunate childhood – it’s hard for many of us to fathom growing up in his shoes – but in spite of his tumultuous start in life, he has managed to achieve an extraordinary level of success. Sometimes we lack the perspective to look at our situation and find gratitude, and as a result, we end up making excuses, but JT is here to serve us all a big helping of Perspective Pie.    

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

We can all make the CHOICE to achieve more – it just requires a simple mindset shift and some elbow grease. In this conversation, you’ll hear when JT chose to be the best at everything he did, even scrubbing toilets.  

So we have a question for you: Are you doing the best that you can do, or are you doing the best that can be done?   What is the ONE thing you can do to show up as the best in business, family, or wherever is most important to you – and where in your life are you making excuses when you could be getting results?  

In this episode you will learn…

  • [17:40] The only three things you need to achieve success.
  • [21:10] What you need to know if you feel stuck against the ceiling of achievement.
  • [22:20] ONE thing you can do to get clarity and shift your mindset.  


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Links & Tools From This Episode

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  • I Got There: How I Overcame Racism, Poverty, and Abuse to Achieve the American Dream by JT McCormick & Tucker Max  

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