128. How Billionaires Set Goals (Part 2)

Mar 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Do you have tools and systems in place that help you meet your goals?   We know that it’s tough to be on the same page as our team with a one-page business plan, and even then it’s still difficult to maintain clarity on our goals every single day. But there are easy and free tools you can use to make it easier.  

In this episode, Jay Papasan and Geoff Woods to break down his GPS and 411 so that you can learn how to apply these models to meet your specific goals. You can download templates of these documents for free at the1thing.com/resources, and you can get copies of the specific documents discussed in this episode by texting KWFR18 to 33444.    

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

If you lack clarity, we hope that you will say enough is enough – now is the time to take action, take control of your time, and live an extraordinary life.   If you text KWFR18 to 33444, we will send you a copy of Geoff’s GPS and 411, templates to create your own, and a training video – all for free.  

And if you’d like to enlist us as your accountability partners in the process, go to the1thing.com/membership or text the word ACCOUNTABILITY to the number 33444 to join the Living Your ONE Thing Community.  

In this episode you will learn…

  • [5:15] When your goal needs a GPS.
  • [6:30] How you can use a GPS to help you reach a BIG goal.
  • [14:20] How you can use a 411 to maintain clarity on your priorities.
  • [20:00] Why it’s okay to regularly adjust your priorities.
  • [43:40] How you can help your children create the rituals and habits they need to achieve massive success.  


  • Get more support & accountability: Join the Living Your ONE Thing Community
  • The Kick Ass Guide To Accountability
  • Form your first power habit with your 66 Day Challenge Calendar  

Links & Tools From This Episode

Want to receive the email we mentioned in this episode? Text KWFR18 to 33444 and we will send you a copy. If you’d like our help creating and following your own GPS and 411, go to the1thing.com/membership or text the word ACCOUNTABILITY to the number 33444.

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