153. Put Your Family First & Build a Great Business | Robert Fischer

Aug 13, 2018 | 0 comments

Have you ever thought, “I just need more work-life balance?” Have you ever hustled so hard that life didn’t feel fulfilling because… well, you didn’t really have a life outside of your business?   If we fast forward to the end of our lives, will any of us think to ourselves, “I wish I just spent five more hours in the office?” No! For most of us, the things we’ll reflect on are the moments that we shared with the people who matter most.  

If you’re struggling to strike a counterbalance between building a great career and having great relationships with the people who matter most, this episode is for you. We examine a case study of what it looks like to be really clear that family and relationships are your ONE thing, put them first, and still build a great business.    

In this episode, you will learn…

  • [7:50] Creating a family-first organization
  • [15:40] How you can set up boundaries to separate office time from family time
  • [18:10] What it means to leave a legacy with your business
  • [22:50] How to transition from being present in your business to present with your family
  • [28:10] The ONE thing you can do to make striking a work-life counterbalance easier or unnecessary  

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

At the end of the day, there are the people who matter most to you – and then there’s everyone else. So are you going to wake up every day serving the people who matter most to you or sacrificing them for everyone else?  

When we pull it back like that, it seems really simple. But we’ve been taught to be so career-focused and so driven to achieve extraordinary results that it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most.  

So what is the ONE thing from this episode you can do that will make putting your family first, while also building a great business, easier or unnecessary?  


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