172. Increase Your Impact with The ONE Thing | Wyatt Graves

Jan 14, 2019 | 0 comments

Have you started implementing the principles of The ONE Thing in your life?

It’s surprisingly simple… but it’s not easy. We’ve spoken with thousands of you who have started living The ONE Thing, and once you start going down that path, you realize something pretty quickly: there’s no way to succeed alone.

Today, we’re sharing Wyatt Graves’ journey from discovering to implementing the principles of The ONE Thing – to empowering a community to live these principles, too.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • [7:45] What changes when you start living The ONE Thing
  • [13:00] How Wyatt recruited the most important people in his life to come to the goal-setting retreat with him (even those who were a little skeptical)
  • [19:30] What it looks like when you have a relationship with your goals
  • [26:40] What most people are missing when they start trying to implement The ONE Thing
  • [33:00] How to endure the monotony of success


The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

Are you on your road to mastery when it comes to living The ONE Thing? And what do you think will be possible if the people in your world start going down that road, too?

When we asked Wyatt why he continues down this road to mastery, he said it’s because he knows that all leadership begins with self-leadership; it’s difficult to influence the people you care about if you’re not, first and foremost, walking the talk.

So who in your world do you really care about and who need to hear this message? Who do you want to experience what you’re experiencing by implementing the principles of The ONE Thing?

Send them this episode, send them to the1thing.com, or send an email introducing them to Geoff [at] the1thing.com and he will personally respond. We are that committed because we are unwilling to accept the status quo of living a life by default, instead of living a life by design.


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